One of the many benefits of operating in the modern internet economy is that for almost anything you want to accomplish there are a large number of options online.


Ecommerce services are no exception.


Right now, there are a huge number of platforms that can facilitate your ability to list and sell your products online. Many of these platforms have an active and rabid fanbase who will tell you that their platform of choice is the best and only option you need to consider (i.e., Especially people who use Shopify). 


This is primarily due to a lack of perspective, and overall ignorance of the online ecommerce ecosystem.


The ecommerce system that will work best for your business is entirely dependent on its size, the pre-existing technologies that you are using, and the specific way in which the ecommerce solution needs to operate in order to synergize with your business (e.g. B2B, B2C, Retail).


Here are my recommended ecommerce platforms based on 5 common business situations: 


1. Your business already has a website and needs to add an ecommerce store to it - Ecwid, WooCommerce, Paypal button 

2. You are a small B2C business who wants to create an ecommerce store - Shopify, Wordpress + Woocomerce

3. You are a medium or large business who needs a comprehensive and secure ecommerce solution - Bigcommerce, Opencart, Magento

4. You have pre-existing business processes and need an ecommerce store to integrate with your existing systems - Opencart, Magento, Wordpress + WooCommerce

5. You are an individual who wants to create a store to sell t-shirts, craft, Knick knacks and/or apparel - Shopify,, Squarespace


If you are in situations 3 or 4, and are in need of a comprehensive, secure and possibly customized ecommerce solution that is integrated with your internal systems, get in touch with me. Let us schedule a meeting where I take a look at your specific business needs and determine the best non-disruptive  ecommerce solution for your company.