To the average person visiting your website there is literally just one thing being used to distinguish your site from the rest. 


If you do not get this one thing right, no matter how sophisticated your technology or how amazing your service the majority of visitors will still instinctively classify you as average at best.


The one thing that will separate your website from the competition is its design and overall visual appeal.


Now, I know that many of you realize that in reality substance trumps visuals. You know that it is actually the quality and usefulness of the products and services being provided that truly separates an "average" online business from one that is high value. However, unfortunately, the "average" visitor will not spend the time to thoroughly research your business. What they will do is go with their initial gut reaction. 


For this reason, the frontend (i.e., your visuals and messaging) is just as if more important than the backend (i.e., the actual products/services), so it is critical that you get this part right. 


To get sales from your website/app you need to manage the gut reactions of your visitors and ensure that you plate your offerings in a way that leaves them hungry for more.


Essentially, you need to be able to put yourself into the minds of your customers and take an objective look at your website. What does your gut tell you?  


If you are not sure about the approach you need to take in order to get your visitors to instinctively lean in your direction, what you can do is contact me for a consultation session. Depending on how important this is to your business, you can either purchase a 1 hour consulting session, or a 2 week in depth website analysis.