Your online business will not succeed if you do not know what success looks like. This is why writing down your goals is essential if you want to achieve them.


Normally, during the development of a new website/app, a lot of stuff tends to get lost in the shuffle. New ideas surface and old targets forgotten in the quest to grab the new and shiny.


Writing down where you want to go creates a map in your subconscious mind and tunes your brain to head in the direction plotted on your map. In addition to this this, It creates a wall in your psyche that helps to block out distractions, and keeps you on target.


This last part, I will admit, is based on my own personal superstitions, but it is something I truly believe plays a role in success.


If you have an online business or would like to have one, write down your business goals and put them in a place where you will be constantly reminded of them. Preferably on a daily basis.


The aim of this is to continuously bombard your brain with images of your future. It is my belief that this will change your energy, and with this change of energy will come a change in your mindset and actions. Over time this new energy will be diffused into the universe.


You are letting the universe know that this is what you want, and by doing so, combined with your new mindset and actions, the universe will place opportunities in your path to help you achieve those goals.


Write down your online business goals, stay focused on them, take specific actions towards achieving them and be patient.  Even if you don’t believe in energy, with this method over time you will definitely find success.


Good Luck!