There is a saying that goes, “by learning one thing, you learn 10 other things”. 


In reality, operating an online business will require the use of many tools, however there is one tools that stands above the rest. A tool, that if you are able to master, will force you to pick up a variety of other skills along the way that will be immensely helpful in many areas of your business and personal life. 


This tool is Google Analytics


On the web data is everything, and in my experience there is no better tool to visualize, manipulate and analyse website data than Google Analytics. 


At the beginning, when using GA or any similar tool you will likely get the feeling that you are not getting anything out of it. You will simply be staring as charts and numbers on a screen.  


However, if you are able to stick with it, over time and with practice you will slowly start to gain actual insight that you can apply to your online business to increase profitability and growth. Once you have successfully actualized a positive change through the insight you have gained through analysing your website’s data, this will spark a fire in your brain that will completely change the approach you take towards your business and life in general. 


It Is a Real Life Superpower!


You will now be someone who is able to take a data driven approach to your decision making, an extremely powerful skill that has direct application in many areas of life. 



Realistically, learning how to use Google Analytics or similar tools to affect the outcome of your business will take many months. However, if you are not interested in spending dozens of hours learning and waiting up to a year or more to see results in your online business all you need to do is get in touch with me


I, along with my team have already gone through this learning process. I know of dozens of ways to affect positive change on your website that will lead to more prospects and sales. More specifically, I will be able to determine which ones will likely work for your particular business circumstances.


If you do not have Google Analytics or something similar installed on your website, you may as well walk into the bathroom and empty your wallet into the toilet. You are practically flushing your money down the drain playing the guessing game.