I can't count how many times someone has approached me with an idea and decided not to move forward ... only for me to see someone else do the exact same thing a few years (even months) later and succeed.

I notice that a lot of people like to theorize about the online business they would or could start, and how much money they could or would have made if they did start it.


.. but they didn't and don’t.


I have a theory. Many of us do not really believe that we can successfully start anything significant, so we are satisfied with the thought that we “could have done it”.

I can definitely relate to this, as for years I used to pigeon-hole myself into the role of a programmer because I did not truly believe I could be anything more.

On the otherhand, the funny thing is we ARE willing to put effort and invest into "easy" sexy internet money schemes like crypto and Amazon automation and Drop shipping.


Guys, I have tried a lot of this stuff, and to be honest with you these schemes are bullshit.


Think about this

Every moment you spend researching one of these schemes, or theorizing about an online business you don’t actually start, you are wasting time and potentially losing out on a life changing opportunity. Meanwhile, your competition is getting one step closer to taking another customer off the market.

Forget the easy "make money online" stuff and get rich quick schemes. Get involved in the real online marketplace and find out if your ideas have value in the real market.

Start collecting marketplace data and learn how start and run and grow an online business now. The sooner the start this the closer you will be to changing your life.


For those of you who don't have time to waste and would like to learn the first step, check out my blog post on how to bootstrap your online business without investor money.